Lucy, UC Berkeley c/o 2014, promoting Sony electronics on campus (:

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-Official Sony Blog

*Disclosure:“I am a paid participant in Sony Electronics’ Student Ambassador program. The content on my profile does not reflect those of Sony and are solely my own thoughts and opinions. Please visit the -Official Sony Facebook Page
UC Berkeley Sony Ambassador

Cyber-shot Summer Savings!!

Looking to upgrade your camera? Students save 10% on select Cyber-shot cameras!


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Free Playstation?

Get a free Playstation system with your purchase of select VAIO computers!

1. Choose your computer.
2. Pick your offer.
3. Start saving



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Sony meets PS Vita!

It was a lovely day in Berks today so the PS Vita reps and I decided to do some tabling on Sproul to promote the brand as well as the newly released Sony PlayStation Vita! 

Visit the Berkeley Sony website to order yours for $249.99!

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If you’re interesting in becoming a Sony Campus Ambassador, send me a message!

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Amazon Instant Video now playing on PS3

Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant Video are now available on PlayStation 3. You can instantly purchase or rent more than 120,000 Amazon Instant Videos. Plus, Amazon’s offering more than 100 first episodes of TV shows for free for a limited time.  Prime members can instantly watch more than 17,000 Prime Instant Video titles on PlayStation 3 at no additional cost as a part of a Prime membership.

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PS VITA FOR 249.99


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-16.2-megapixel point and shoot camera
-3.5” OLED touch screen
-shoots 1080/60p movies


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Anonymous: What do you think about Sony's stance on SOPA? Have you done anything about it?

As of early January, Sony Electronics has removed their corporate moniker from the list of supporters for SOPA.

Sony Electronics Student Ambassador Program by SELCampus on Flickr.

A lot of people have messaged me regarding their interest in the Sony Electronics Campus Ambassador Program.
Here is the official recruitment video!

SONY 54.6” LED EX720 Internet TV $800 OFF!

Features: Full HD 1080p in 2D and 3D, LED backlit, X-Reality Engine, Internet TV for streaming entertainment, Wi-Fi Ready, smooth motion with Motionflow XR 240, USB input


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